Interested in ebooks? Don’t start with buying an ereader

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More and more users are buying ereaders.

Those devices dedicated to reading ebooks have now affordable prices. They are a hot product category. Today almost everywhere everyone it talking about them.

Well, it’s not the right order. If you’re interested in reading ebooks – start with reading about ebooks.

What you have to know is that ebooks are not as accessible as print books. Not every ebook can be read on every ereader.

If you buy Nook because of Black Friday bargain, keep in mind that it won’t be easy to add books from other ebookstores. Same with the new touch screen Kindle – you will be able to seamlessly add books only from Kindle Store.

Before digging into technical specifications of ereaders it’s good to spend some time learning about ebooks that you want to read on them.

In fact, you’re not buying a device. You’re buying experience. The most important point I want to make here is that you can test this experience before buying a device.

What you can do before buying ereader?

1. Test ebookstores

There are many places on the web where you can buy ebooks. Why don’t you spend some time to check which ebookstore fits your needs, and most importantly, has books you are interested in. Ebookstores to test: Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google eBookstore.

Device needed: computer

2. Test applications

Many ebookstores have their own applications for computers, tablets and mobile phones. How is it to read an electronic book today? Ebooks are not badly prepared .doc files you were trying to read in an office a few years back. Now ebooks can give you a lot of personalization options: fonts, background, you name it. You can also add bookmarks, notes and even share text passages to social media.

If you own a smartphone, go to an application store and find an ereading app. It takes a couple of moments and is a good start. Just keep in mind that eventually you target for a bigger device than your phone.

Device needed: computer, mobile phone

3. Compare prices

If you are sensitive to price, expect ebooks to be cheaper (how much cheaper?), you can check and compare prices of your favorite books using ebook price comparison sites like Luzme or Inkmesh. Or you can have a look at how prices of Kindle books differ across the world. Or you can find out how many Kindle ebooks cost $0.99 or less.

Device needed: computer

4. Test download/purchase

The most important benefit of ebooks is convenience. Test how easy and fast you can start reading them. It takes seconds to download an ebook. You don’t need an ereader to enjoy it – try one of the applications. You can also do it in a web browser.

Please note, that you can enjoy the easy download only when you buy books from the original source: Kindle books from Kindle Store, etc. Adding books from third sources usually means a lot more effort.

Device needed: computer, mobile phone

5. Read on the go

The other outstanding benefit of ebooks is that you can take lots of them with you, wherever you go. You don’t need an ereader to start reading on the bus or while waiting in a queue. Just add ereading app to your mobile phone and you’re good to go.

Remember, you don’t have to buy ebooks, if you don’t want to. To test, you can download free samples. In my opinion, a mobile phone is generally a perfect device to try ebooks.

Device needed: mobile phone

6. Recognize your reading preferences

After all, you may realize, it’s not an ereader but tablet you need more. Or maybe you’ll come to conclusion that a smartphone you have is enough for the time being. Don’t ask tech reviewers what ereading device to buy. Ask yourself how you would like to read ebooks.

Device needed: none

• • •

You absolutely don’t need a dedicated ebook reading device to fall in love with ebooks. But if you buy the wrong device, reading and buying ebooks will not be something to enjoy.

The only way to avoid disappointment is to decide on ebook ecosystem and follow this route by selecting a device to use it.

If you like Kindle Store, or Amazon in general, go and check which Kindle model suits you best.

If you are very much into Google services, there is no reason to leave them. Go and check their ebookstore and which ereaders they offer.

Don’t make yourself a surprise by buying an ereader you’ll later complain about by saying “If only I knew…”

• • •

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