Interactive chart: American teenagers read more books

E-reading habits among Americans over time

Americans’ reading habits – ebooks / Pew Internet report, June 2013

The new report from Pew Internet, Younger Americans’ Library Habits and Expectations, apart from a main topic (how younger Americans approach reading, libraries, and technology), bring a very interesting interactive chart embedded below.

The chart compares reading habits of Americans between December 2011 and November 2012. Among all Americans aged 16 and older reading books in all formats (print, audio, ebook) fell by 3% – from 78% to 75%. The decrease can be also observed in print books (by 5%), but audiobooks and ebooks are on the rise.

The readership of ebooks increased from 16% in 2011 to 23% in 2012. There is an increase in all age groups, but it’s teenagers to speed things up. In a group of 16-17 year olds reading ebooks increased twice! In November 2011, 12% claimed they read an ebook. Year later it was already 25%.

When it comes to print books, in some age groups the trend is decreasing (students and 30-65), but teenagers are doing things right again – readership grew by 8% to as much as 85%.

The report is based on two surveys: Reading Habits Survey (Nov 16 – Dec 21, 2011) and Library Services Survey (Oct 15 – Nov 10, 2012). You can download the complete report from here (pdf).

If you have problems in viewing the interactive chart embedded below, check out the screenshot that shows the e-reading habits.

Via Pew Research Center.