Android: Inapp Translator is a promising new way to translate text

Inapp Translator logoUsers of Android devices have better options for in-application text translations than on iOS.

Now, besides Google Translate app that performs translations via Share menu, there is a new, and potentially the best way to do that.

It’s the app, developed by MedCV, and called Inapp Translator. The big promise is that translation happens in the current application – via a pop-up window. No switching between apps any longer.

However, this is also something some users might find too intrusive. To use Inapp Translator, you have to keep it opened – a semi-transparent logo of the app sits in the middle of the screen, no matter which other app you’re currently using. See the screenshot below.

Inapp Translator icon in the middle of the screen

This is perfectly fine, when you are getting ready to read a book in a foreign language, maybe not so good, if you’re doing a lot of other things.

The best part is that the app works in any app that allows users to select text. You don’t need to have the option to share the text, just select it. And, yes, it also works in the Kindle app!

Now, when you want a translation, tap on a text and select as much as you want. The app handles longer passages, not only single words.

Then, simply tap on Inapp Translator logo. A pop-up window come out, with a translation. From its top bar you can select the input language (on the left) and output language (on the right).

Inapp Translator - pop-up window with translation

One tap to get a translation, one tap to continue reading. Nice, huh?

The application is free… to test. You can download it for free, but after you use it for the first time, close it, and open again, it will ask you to upgrade. The upgrade is pretty expensive, so test the app extensively before dismissing it!

The app is using Microsoft Translator, not Google Translate, because:

Our goal is to keep the app free for everyone. Google Translator API is not a free service anymore while Microsoft translator still provides some limited free usage to start with.

That free usage, as I experienced it, was a couple of translations. Not too much, really. Plus, Microsoft-powered translation is much worse when it comes to the quality. I’d be willing to pay the premium price to have the option to use Google Translate.

Inapp Translator is definitely worth keeping. Improved, more “transparent” design, and Google Translate engine are on my wishlist.

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