4 IFTTT recipes that help track ebook and tablet deals on Woot

Woot Kindle deal then send me an email

IFTTT (if this than that) is an extremely useful online tool, which lets automate several daily web tasks. I’m pretty addicted to the service, and not only use several recipes found here, but also try to create new ones (by the way, so far they were used more than 1,000 times!).

A next bunch of IFTTT recipes is about tracking Woot deals for items that ebook lovers should find interesting:

The recipes use Woot’s RSS feed, and fire an email every time they’ll find a relevant keyword in the feed’s content. For instance, if you pick up the iPad recipe, you’ll get notified of any deal that is related to iPad – not only the tablet itself, but also covers and accessories for Apple’s flagship device.

Opposite to Amazon Gold Box Deals, there won’t be too many emails from Woot crowding into your inbox. In fact, to increase a chance to catch the deal I decided to use Woot’s deal RSS feed (http://api.woot.com/1/sales/current.rss) instead of blog (http://www.woot.com/blog/feed.rss). In deal RSS feed there are all items listed, not only the main deal.

If you’re unfamiliar with Woot, it’s a site where discounted products are offered every day (Today’s Woot). The site pioneered the idea of “one deal a day”, where only one product was available for sale at a given time (and only for 24 hours). Now Woot offers other deals as well via Woot Plus feature.

How to use the recipe

1. Visit IFTTT, and if you don’t have an account, sign up in seconds.

2. Then, open Channels section (top navigation bar) and activate Email channel. Enter an email address you’d like to use to receive notifications from IFTTT. It can be different from an email address you used to sign up to IFTTT.

IFTTT activate email channel

Make sure to send PIN to that email address. You’ll have to enter the PIN in order to activate the channel.

3. Now you’re ready to use the recipes. Pick up one from below:

4. Click on Use recipe button at the bottom. Done.

The greatest thing about IFTTT is that the service lets personalize or adjust several recipes. For instance, using one of the above recipes, you can set up your own keyword to track other products or brands. To do that, on a recipe’s page, click on a downward-looking arrow (see screenshot below – No. 1).

A panel with recipe’s elements will be revealed. Head to Keyword or simple phrase field, and replace the current word with the one you want to track (No.2).

IFTTT personalize the recipe

• • •

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