New IFTTT Kindle recipe: get Kindle bestsellers in Google Reader and Flipboard

IFTTT Kindle bestsellers to Google Reader Flipboard

I’ve just created a new IFTTT Kindle recipe, which adds to Google Reader (and therefore Flipboard) Kindle ebooks that land in Top 10 Kindle Bestsellers list.

A few days ago, Flipboard added iBooks Store integration, but I stopped using Apple’s ebook ecosystem some time ago for these reasons. I realize there are a lot of iOS users who don’t read ebooks on Apple’s native book app. Instead, we use Kindle app and shop in Kindle Store, although Apple doesn’t make it easy.

Luckily, if you’re a heavy consumer of RSS reading apps on your iOS device, you can bring Kindle Store inside. I shared the detailed post on how to find Amazon RSS feeds (there are a lot of them, actually). This IFTTT recipe does one more thing: it lets you limit the number of entries based on your own preferences.

What you have to know is that Amazon refreshes its bestsellers lists every few hours. Therefore, you’ll get many repeated entries. For example, when a book changes place from #3 to #4, you’ll also get it as a new feed item.

To limit the number of repeated items, the IFTTT recipe will send by default only a book from a first place (keyword #1 – check the screenshot below).

IFTTT Kindle bestsellers to Google Reader and Flipboard - setting own keywords

You can replace this keyword with anything you like. For example, if you want to get noticed of novels, type novel. You can also put the name of your favorite bestselling author (f.e. Nora Roberts, James Patterson) – and this way get notified of the author’s new releases.

Two new IFTTT recipes I created today are:

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