Huge update of Kindle for iPad and iPhone – support for personal docs and newsstand!

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This is a major update of popular Kindle app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (AppStore link).

The most important improvement is that now the app gives access not only to books, but also periodicals as well as personal documents stored in your Kindle account. It’s so good this feature has finally arrived!

There is a new navigation bar at the top, which includes: all items, books, newsstand and docs.

Personal documents

Supported file formats (unprotected) are mobi, doc and, yes, pdf.

You can add your own files to Kindle for iOS by sending an email – just like it was possible with Kindle ereader so far. With the update of the application Amazon assigned separate, automatically generated, email addresses to any of iOS devices authorized with your account.

To find out what is the email address, just tap on Docs in a navi bar. You can manage addresses by going in a browser to your Kindle account’s personal document settings.

Thing to remember: if you send a personal document to the email associated with iPad, it will be added to Kindle app’s home screen on the iPad, but you will be able to access it from other devices, too, as the document will be stored in Archived Items.

It’s great that Kindle for iOS now syncs personal documents, but unfortunately it doesn’t apply to the files you’ve added (or will be adding) directly to the app.

And one last thing: you can attach more than one file to the email, so if you have a large collection of ebooks/docs, you can add them all to your Kindle app and the Kindle virtual library in a pretty convenient way.


In both iPhone and iPad (and it only makes sense on the iPad) there is an option to read periodicals from a selection of over 400 newspapers and magazines from Kindle newsstand.

You can buy a single issue or a subscription of the title you’re interested in and have it wirelessly delivered to the application. You can’t add a title from within the app, though – there is no such possibility after Apple-Amazon in-app purchase battle.

What you can do is visit Kindle newsstand in a browser. On the iPad just type in Safari’s address bar this link:

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