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How to read a book in 2013 (video)

This gorgeous video, written, directed and produced by Hilary Commer, is her intro project to Visual Media class at Abilene Christian University.

Did you find an odd box with pieces of paper inside? It might be a book! Some of them still have real pages – and I’ll show you just how to read one.

As you see, this is a beautiful guide how to read a print book. Probably would be more helpful in 50 years, but this video leaves a reflection. The fact that you bought Kindle Fire doesn’t mean you have to stop reading print books. They are there, waiting for you just like the books in the Kindle app.

In fact, books are enjoyed to the fullest if read one way or another. And there are audiobooks, too. Being flexible, and choosing the way of reading that matches time and mood, is the right way to keep in touch with books in the growing digital world.

Via YouTube.