How to install Google’s Note in Reader bookmarklet in iPad’s Safari

Google Note in Reader bookmarklet installed in iPad SafariIf you want to install in your iPad’s Safari a Google’s Note in Reader bookmarklet, just in case you really need to share something from your mobile browser rather than an RSS reader, there are two ways to do it – both pretty easy.

Option 1

1. Go to this post in iPad’s Safari (you can type this link: and bookmark it – tap “+” in the top bar.

2. Copy to clipboard the piece of javascript code you see below. Be sure to select just this one line of text:


3. Open your bookmark tab and edit a new bookmark: change the name and paste the code into the address field (see picture).

4. Done. You can move the bookmarklet into a Bookmarks Bar so that it will be available in just one tap.

Option 2

This is the way I did it – used my Gmail accounts.

1. Go to your Note in Reader bookmarklet in a browser on your computer, open “Properties” and copy javascript code.

2. Send it via mail, open the message in iPad’s native Mail application and copy the code to clipboard.

3. Go to iPad Safari, open any page, bookmark it and edit the new bookmark – change the name and paste the code from clipboard.

Below there is a screenshot of this post with a Note in Reader bookmarklet opened.

Google Note in Reader opened in Safari on iPad