How to gift a Kindle book

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Christmas is a perfect time to gift books. If the person you want to give a book already owns a Kindle device or has a free Kindle application downloaded, you can add a Kindle ebook to her personal Kindle library.

It’s important when the gift will arrive to the recipient. The whole thing is to make it delivered not at the date of purchase but at the date it should be received. Amazon gives the opportunity to do that. Here’s what to do.

1. Find in Kindle Store the book you want to gift. On the right side, in a green purchase widget, click on Give as a Gift button instead of Buy now with 1-Click. Don’t worry, your order won’t be completed at this point.

2. You’ll be asked to complete the order in a new window. Find an icon of a calendar next to Delivery date field (see picture below).

Select the date you want the gift to arrive at recipient’s Kindle bookshelf.

Your gift will be sent on this date, between 12:00 AM and 3:00 AM Pacific time. Check what time will it be in GMT.

By now there is no way to select the exact time of a gift delivery. I think the more people will be gifting Kindle ebooks, the more advanced the gift panel will become.

Now all what the recipient has to do is to sync a device or app with her Kindle personal bookshelf.

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