How to get email notifications from Kindle Store

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Navigation through Kindle Store is not easy. Many readers don’t use some very useful features, because they are not easily accessible.

We’re here to help you spot what’s helpful. E-mail notifications are one of the most convenient ways to get notified when interesting titles are released and new promotions are running.

You can find the full list of Amazon email subscriptions here. In this post we list all available notifications from Kindle Store. Please note, that you can officially get an email notification for Kindle Daily Deal. If you’d like to get RSS updates instead, check our special feed.

If you’re afraid that your inbox will be clogged with Amazon alerts, don’t worry. As you’ll see below, except Kindle Daily Deal, other notifications are being sent occasionally.

Kindle Daily Deal – Daily

Each day we unveil a new Kindle book at a specially discounted price. Subscribe to “Kindle Delivers: Daily Deal” to find out about each day’s deal. (You’ll receive your first email within 48 hours of subscribing.) More »

Amazon Kindle Delivers – Monthly

Sign up to be in the know on editors’ picks, new releases, ebook promotions, and more Kindle news. More »

Kindle Newsstand Delivers – Monthly

Monthly email focusing on Kindle newspapers, magazines, and blogs. More »

Kindle Ebooks: Editors’ Picks – Occasionally

There’s nothing the Kindle editors love more than recommending new ebooks to readers. From our Best Books of the Month to our year-end round up of favorites in fiction, nonfiction, and more, these are the titles we truly love. More »

Kindle Ebooks: Mystery & Thrillers – Occasionally

From comfortable cozies to the harrowingly hardboiled, get up-to-date info on the most highly anticipated mystery ebooks. More »

Kindle Ebooks: Computers & Internet – Occasionally

Stay ahead of the curve with the best ebooks about computers, Internet, and technology. More »

Kindle Ebooks: Cooking, Food, and Wine – Occasionally

Keep your Kindle stocked with the latest cookbooks and food lit–from Food Network favorites and regional cuisine to quick-and-easy cooking and entertaining. More »

Kindle Ebooks: Romance – Occasionally

Discover the latest new releases and bestselling ebooks by your favorite authors in romance. More »

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