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How to find self-published books in Kindle Store

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Books from independent authors are getting more and more popular. In August there were as much as 26 self-published books in Kindle Store’s Top 100. They are an exciting and affordable alternative to more expensive books from established publishers.

Majority of indie books cost $0.99. Cheap doesn’t always mean a lack quality, but it always means a lack of promotion. Authors lower prices of their books to compete with books intensively marketed via traditional channels.

If you’d like to discover new source of great reading, here are some tips on how to find self-published books at Kindle Store.

Explore Kindle Indie Books

Kindle Indie Books is a new, fantastic section where you can discover the best of what indie publishing can give. It is a great directory of books published via Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing.

At Kindle Indie Books home page you can find selected titles in romance and literary fiction as well as personalized recommendations based on your browsing history. You can learn about a featured author and browse popular categories.

There is also a special Top 100 list, where you can find currently best-selling indie titles, but also top rated books and hot new releases.

For quick access we created a memorable short link to Kindle Indie Books – Bookmark it in your browser if you want to frequently visit the page.

Check Book Details

If you find a new book in a genre of your interest and would like to check whether it’s coming from a self-published author, you can easily do it.

On a book’s page in Kindle Store, scroll down to Product Details. If there is no field called Publisher, and the field Sold by shows “Amazon Digital Services”, you can be sure the book was published by the author via Kindle Direct Publishing.

Discover Ebook Friendly’s Lists and Sections

Ebook Friendly is designed to help self-published authors get more recognition. We run a special section called Best of Indie, where we hand-pick best new titles published by independent author and publishing houses. You can check recently added titles here.

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Some readers assume self-published books are not worth reading, are badly written and edited and probably are a spam. We, at Ebook Friendly, put a lot of effort to focus on finding what’s good and selecting out what’s bad. As Look Inside feature is available now for Kindle books, you can read a free sample before you spend a dollar for a book.

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