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How to find foreign language books in Kindle Store

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Updated on 13.11.2011

Kindle devices are available in over 170 countries, but it doesn’t mean users from those countries can easily find publications in their own language. Only Germany and France are in a good situation, where Kindle Stores were already launched. New stores, in Italy and Spain, are on the way.

For the rest of countries the biggest question is: how to find foreign language titles at the Kindle Store US? There are a couple of ways to do it.

1. Check foreign language lists at Kindle Store

Amazon recently added Foreign Language Books section to their homepage (left sidebar). It links to Kindle book catalogs in 5 languages.

In case the section disappears from a landing page, here are quick links with a number of books:
French – 38,937 titles
German – 35,309 titles
Italian – 6,301 titles
Spanish – 15,145 titles
Portuguese – 3,247 titles

2. Search Kindle Store by phrase

How to find books in other languages? I will be using Dutch as an example. Replace it with your preferred language – spelled in English (f.e. Portuguese, Italian, Finnish).

Go directly to this link: Searching from that page will return only titles from Kindle Store. This is important as we will be looking for phrases which may be also found in other departments of Amazon site.

There are a couple of phrases you can try, but the most reliable is the one combining the language with the word Edition. This is how non-English books are usually described at the title level.

"Dutch Edition"

Important: type it with quotation marks. The search will return only exact matches. From my experience it’s by far the most accurate way to find non-English books. Below you’ll find links to search queries for the most popular languages – together with a number of results.

You can always broaden the search by removing quotation marks. Another way is to use a list of suggestions when you type a phrase in a search box (see picture below).

3. Search Amazon by a product tag

Another tip to find a book in your language is to search Amazon with product tags. Any product on Amazon can be tagged by the users. This is also applying to Kindle ebooks.

Go to a special Amazon page called Most Popular Tags. You can search here products by their tags. Suggested tags to use: Dutch, Dutch language, Dutch book, Dutch ebook.

4. Search Amazon by Listmania lists

Listmania lists are created by Amazon users. You can also give them a try and check whether there are any lists collecting ebooks in a specific language.

Go to a special Listmania search page and try phrases as suggested for product tags.

5. Search Amazon via Google Web Search

Google is famous for returning lots of results, so you can be sure you won’t miss any title if you use this method. Go to Google web search and in a search box type:

intitle:kindle "Dutch Edition"

A phrase intitle:kindle is used to narrow search at site to items containing the word “kindle” in their titles. As you know any Kindle book is described with [Kindle Edition].

You can try Google if the list of the titles at Kindle Store is too short. For the search query “Dutch Edition”, Google returns approximately 12,900 results, comparing to 40 when using Kindle Store’s own search.

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Currently at Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing, there are 6 languages supported: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. However since January 2010 there were a dozen of other languages available: Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Irish, Icelandic, Estonian, Swahili, Afrikaans, Albanian, Indonesian and Latin.

This may be an indication about how many books you may find in your language. You can expect more books if they’re in one of supported languages.