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Finding Kobo Arc covers and sleeves – a couple of useful tips

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Finding Kobo Arc covers - useful tipsFinding good quality covers for devices other than iPads or Kindles is not an easy job. Actually, it’s really tough and can be disappointing.

We listed great Kobo accessories in this post, but I’d like to devote this one to explain in detail how you can extend the possibilities when looking for Kobo Arc covers and sleeves.

One major opportunity to spot is that Kobo Arc has almost the same dimensions as Kindle Fire (the basic 7-inch model, not the HD). That means you can use Kindle Fire covers for Kobo Arc. Compare the sizes:

  • Kobo Arc – 189 / 120 / 11.5 mm – 7.5 / 4.7 / 0.5″
  • Kindle Fire – 190 / 120 / 11.4 mm – 7.5 / 4.7 / 0.5″

As you see, Kindle is by only 1mm taller than Kobo. The difference in depth is 0.1mm. Both don’t matter. But be aware, that not all cover types can be used. Don’t get any case that holds the device within a cage, where there are holes for buttons, microphones and slots – they are, obviously, different in these two devices. Also, don’t go for neoprene elastic cases, that tightly embrace the device – they also have design elements that match only Kindle Fire.

There are two types of covers, however, that you can safely use:

1. Covers with corner straps

Any cover that holds the device with elastic corner straps (see picture below). The variety of such covers for Kindle Fire is huge and we showcase a couple of them at the end of a post.

Kindle Fire covers with corner straps will fit Kobo Arc

2. Sleeves

A sleeve is any cover that you have to remove in order to use the device (see picture below).

Kindle Fire sleeve can fit Kobo Arc

Obviously, if you want to buy Kindle Fire covers, you’ll have to shop elsewhere than Kobo. On the other side, accessories are still not available on Kobo website, and you were probably starting to look for covers on Chapters Indigo website or Kobo store on

Here is a list of Kindle Fire covers on Amazon. Other recommended sites to explore are Caseable, Case-Mate, CaseCrown, Proporta, and Tuff-Luv.

Featured Kindle Fire covers that fit Kobo Arc

Vera Bradley Cover for Kindle Fire Kobo Arc
Vera Bradley Cover, Va Va Bloom. This cover is your perfect excuse to relax on the beach, plane or anywhere with your favorite best-selling memoir, mystery or just-because read. Wrapped in colorful, softly padded cotton, it’s always easy to spot from a distance. A soft, interior lining in a coordinating color provides additional scratch-free protection for your device. Plus, a large, interior slip pocket comes in handy for stashing away business cards or plane tickets. Non-slip elastic bands lined with silicone are designed to hold all 4 corners firmly in place. ⇢ Amazon – $39.

Verso Typewriter Cover by Molly Rausch
Verso Typewriter Cover by Molly Rausch. Whatever you do, the rugged synthetic cover will keep your device properly protected while the interior cradles it in advanced microfiber, engineered for maximum softness. An interior pocket, meanwhile, hides important documents or receipts while traveling, and silicone-enhanced corner elastics maintain a tight grip on your device that’s guaranteed to last for as long as you have it. Soft, suede-like interior with full pocket for holding receipts or travel documents. Corner elastics provide a snug fit for your Kindle without impairing functionality. ⇢ Amazon – $24.99.

Timbuk2 Kindle Fire Envelope Sleeve Case - fits Kobo Arc
Timbuk2 Envelope Sleeve Case. This sleeve may be skinny, but it doesn’t skimp on protection. Its high-density foam and a scratch-resistant Tricot liner keep your tablet safe and sound. Layer on Timbuk2’s classic three panel design in pop colors and you’ve got yourself a super safe reading party! ⇢ Amazon $12.50.

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