How to download own books to Kindle Touch (screenshots)

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Kindle Touch is now available for international users. Major challenge for them will be to find books in their own language. I’ve shared tips on how to find foreign-language books in Kindle Store, but I suspect many users will be also downloading files found in other sites.

Adding own books and personal documents to Kindle Touch is easy. You just have to send files to the email address associated with your Kindle.

Finding email address for sending personal files

1. On your Kindle, go to home page and tap on Menu. Select Settings from a list.

Kindle Touch - finding email address

2. Tap on Device Options.

Kindle Touch - finding email address

3. At the bottom of the screen there is a section called Send-to-Kindle E-mail. You’ll see an email address automatically generated by Amazon when you bought Kindle Touch.

Kindle Touch - finding email address

This address is based on the email you use to sign in to your Amazon account. Sometimes it’s exactly the same username, and the only difference is the last part. Instead of, for instance, there is

You may want to make the address more difficult, and therefore safer to use. To do so, go to, and then to Manage Your Kindle section. In the left sidebar, go to Your Kindle Account » Personal Document Settings. Click on Edit, next to the email address, to change it.

Sending files

You can send files to Kindle Touch from the email address you’re using to sign in to If you want to use other email account, you can add it to a list of approved addresses (in the Approved Personal Document E-mail List).

You have up to 5 GB of space for personal documents. The supported file types are:

Kindle Format (.mobi, .azw)
Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx)
Html (.html, .htm)
Rtf (.rtf)
Jpeg (.jpeg, .jpg)
Gif (.gif)
Png (.png)
Bmp (.bmp)
Pdf (.pdf)

If you have freedom to choose a file format, for instance at, the best one is mobi. Don’t pick up pdf, if you don’t have to. Reading non-reflowable pdf file on a 6-inch screen is not convenient at all.

You can send up to 25 files in one email message. The file size of each document can’t be bigger than 50 MB. The submitted email must target less than 15 distinct Send-to-Kindle email addresses.

The files should arrive at your Kindle, if it’s connected via WiFi network, usually within a couple of minutes.

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