How to download a software update to Kindle Touch (screenshots)

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A new software update for Kindle Touch is available. If you open your Kindle and it’s connected to WiFi, you should be promted to download the software directly to the device. If not, you can install it manually. In this post I’ll share how to do it.

1. Download the software to your computer

Go to Kindle Touch help page with software updates. Scroll down a bit to reveal the download link (see screenshot below). Click on it and the update file will be automatically downloaded to your computer. It does not matter whether it’s a PC or a Mac.

2. Connect your Kindle Touch to the computer

Use a USB cable you received in the original Kindle Touch box, to connect the device to your computer. A disc called Kindle should appear on the desktop.

3. Transfer the file to the disc

Don’t open the disc, this is not needed. The only thing to do is to drag and drop the update file onto the Kindle disc.

Kindle Touch Update

4. Start the software update on your Kindle

After the file was successfully downloaded, disconnect the Kindle and start the software update on the device. To do that:

1. Go to the home screen, tap on Menu, then Settings.

Kindle Touch Update

2. Tap on Menu again. You’ll see a box like on the screenshot below. Tap on Update Your Kindle.

Kindle Touch Update

The alert box will appear: “You are about to update the software on your Kindle. Do you wish to continue?” Tap on OK. The device will restart to install the software. It will restart once again and this time it will be ready to use.

• • •

To check which software version is installed on your Kindle, go to the home screen, tap on Menu, then Settings and then Menu again. You’ll see a line Device Info. Tap on it and the information box will appear.

Kindle Touch Update

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