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How to get Adobe ID

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a system designed to protect ebook files from opening by unauthorized users or on unauthorized devices.

Those, who are forced to use DRM, the readers, are trying to remove it and that’s why there is more advice online on how to hack DRM. Those who put it, the distributors of digital content, are not eager to highlight the information about DRM, as this is something the readers will dislike.

The most “popular” DRM system in the ebook industry, is the one from Adobe. What you need to handle it is Adobe ID.

Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, and Sony ebookstores, as well as many distributors on a country level, are using this system.

Before you start downloading any book from the ebookstore working with Adobe DRM, make sure you authorize your device (a computer, an ereader, a tablet, or a smartphone) with the Adobe ID. This way the ebooks you download will be associated with your Adobe ID, instead of a single device. Thanks to that you will be able to add them to other devices authorized with the same ID.

How to create Adobe ID

No matter how difficult DRM may sound, signing up to Adobe ID is pretty easy.

1. Go to Adobe Sign In page and click on a Create an Adobe Account button.

Adobe ID - signing up

2. You will be asked to type tpersonal details. Required fields are:
– email address (you will be using it as your login, no separate username is needed)
– password (between 6 and 12 characters)
– first and last name
– city, zip code, and country

3. Done. Since that time you can authorize the devices/applications with your Adobe ID.

Remember: your email address is your Adobe ID login/username.

If you’ve used Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, or any ereading app supporting Adobe DRM (for instance Bluefire Reader for iOS or Aldiko for Android), you may authorize your devices immediately after getting the Adobe ID.

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