How to check whether Kindle will connect via WiFi in your country

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Now, as also Kindle Touch is available for international users, it’s good to make sure you’ll be able to connect your Kindle via WiFi network. Here’s a simple tip how to check it before you’ll buy the device.

1. Go to pages with Kindle devices for international users:
Kindle 4 – $109
Kindle Touch – $139
Kindle Keyboard 3G – $189
Kindle DX – $379

2. Select your country in an information box for users from outside US.

Kindle International - select your country

3. A window will open with the information specific to your country.

You will be able to connect your Kindle via WiFi network if the message is displayed: “Books in Under 60 Seconds: Think of a book and you could be reading it in under a minute.”

Kindle International - WiFi is supported

You will not be able to connect Kindle to WiFi network, if you see the message: “Download Books Instantly: You can download books to your computer and transfer them to your Kindle via USB. Kindle wireless is not currently available in your country.”

Kindle International - WiFi is not supported

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