How to check how much you overpay if you buy Kindle book from abroad

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Select the region and check what is the price of the book

Kindle users living outside USA usually have to pay more than US residents for the books they buy in US Kindle Store.

In our comparison of international prices of Kindle bestsellers you’ll find out that it’s not applying to 100% of books. Europe is generally most expensive region (on average you have to pay 18,7% more), but you can find books which are actually cheaper than in other regions. This is a result of a price policy of certain authors and publishers.

Some sources advise to open an account with a US billing address, but you might be tracked by the IP number, so it’s not worth the effort – especially that, as we said, you can’t assume any longer that US is the cheapest location.

Instead of that we propose a simple tip to check the book’s price in US and whether you’ll pay more, if you buy it from your country.

1. Go to Kindle Store, find the book you want to buy and check the price displayed for you as a registered user.

2. Log out from the account. You can do it by clicking a link (Not [yourname]?) in a line next to Amazon logo saying:

Hello, [yourname]. We have recommendations for you. (Not [yourname]?)

3. Go to Kindle Store again, find a panel Your country or Region in the upper left corner under the Amazon logo (see picture), choose US, and check the price of a book again.

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We know this trick is far from being convenient, but at least when you buy a book you’ll be fully aware of how much you overpay (or save).

If there will be a comfortable tool to compare prices for international users of US Kindle Store, we’ll surely write about it.

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