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How to find foreign language books in iBooks Store

Recently iBooks Store was launched in 26 new countries. But don’t expect that a first thing you’ll see will be books in your own language.

Browsing through iTunes was never easy, but a lack of search by language (both in iTunes and iBooks) is a big mistake and doesn’t help to treat Apple ebookstore as a default reading system by international, non-English users.

If you want to find out how many books in your language are available in your local iBooks Store, try one of those two ways described below.

1. Via iTunes & iBooks

In iTunes application on your computer, in a top bar find Books. Click on it and scroll down until you see Bestsellers by Language banner.

Be patient, when you click on a banner you probably first see books in English, then in a couple of other languages, like Portuguese or Greek and then maybe you’ll see a section with bestsellers in your mother tongue.

You’ll see only paid books there. If you want to check free titles, go back to a home page, find Free Books banner and, sorry for that, you’ll have to check books manually.

2. Via Google

It’s actually less painful to use Google to search iBooks Store. This method is also good if you don’t have iTunes installed on your computer and/or don’t have iBooks on your iOS device.

Search from Google returns less results, but the books are both paid and free and you have them all at one glance.

Here is a tip on how to do it. Go to Google web search and paste a phrase from below: "Language: Polish"

Replace pl with a code of your country (all are listed below) and Polish with an English name of your language.

Countries with a local iBooks Store and their country code:

Australia – au
Austria – at
Belgium – be
Bulgaria – bg
Canada – ca
Cyprus – cy
Czech Republic – cz
Denmark – dk
Estonia – ee
Finland – fi
France – fr
Germany – de
Greece – gr
Hungary – hu
Ireland – ie
Italy – it
Latvia – lv
Lithuania – lt
Luxembourg – lu
Malta – mt
Netherlands – nl
Norway – no
Poland – pl
Portugal – pt
Romania – ro
Slovakia – sk
Slovenia – si
Spain – es
Sweden – se
Switzerland – ch
UK – gb
US – us