How to add Kindle Store to iPad’s home screen (screenshots)

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Amazon have just launched a special version of Kindle Store optimized for iPad. As I’m a frequent visitor of the Kindle Store, I want to access it as fast as possible. Tapping on a home screen icon is quicker than going to Safari browser and finding a bookmark (which, by the way, you can always add).

If you’re a new owner of the iPad, you may not know yet, that not only apps can be added to the home screen. You can also add any web page you find in Safari. In this short post I’ll show you how to do it.

1. Open Kindle Store in Safari – in the address bar type If you’re reading this post on your iPad, just tap on a link. You’ll be asked to login in to your Amazon account.

2. After a successful login you’ll see Kindle Store’s home page presenting a nice slider with books recommended for you. When I’ve seen the store’s design for a first time, I immediately added it to the home screen. It’s very well designed, with a touchscreen device in mind, resembling the look of Kindle Cloud Reader and the user interface of Kindle Fire.

To add Kindle Store to the home screen, tap on an icon marked in a screenshot below:

Kindle Store optimized for iPad - screenshot 1

3. Then tap on an Add to Home Screen button:

4. Usually, when adding web pages to the home screen, their previews are used to generate the icon – it never looks good. Amazon did it right and prepared a special app-like icon. You can change the name and tap on an Add button:

5. Done. Now you can jump to Kindle Store directly from the home screen. You can place it together with a Kindle application.

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A couple of months ago Amazon were testing a new version of their site optimized for tablets and this was just not good enough. The new attempt is a way better. I hope that the improved design of Kindle Store for iPhone will be released soon. The iPhone-optimized Kindle Store is available at It works fine, it just looks a bit outdated, compared to the new shiny iPad look.

Check the list of other tips on how to use Kindle on the iPad. To make the most of Kindle Store, please read also this post with simple tips and tricks.

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