How to add articles to Readability from Safari on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Readability is a powerful service which removes clutter from online reading. It combines features of read-later services (Instapaper or Read It Later) with tools to instantly turn web pages into distraction-free mode (Safari’s Reader).

As you may know Readability iOS app is soon to be available in the AppStore. Unlike Instapaper or Read It Later, Readability is not integrated into many apps, yet. Actually I know only two: Reeder and Mr. Reader.

If you want to make sure you won’t miss any article in your Readability account, here is a simple tip – you can add articles via Safari. The only thing to do is to install Readability bookmarklet.

How to install Readability bookmarklet in Safari on iPad

1. Grab the code from below – select the line, then copy it to clipboard (press Ctrl+C).


2. Paste the code into an email, send email to yourself and open it on your iPad (preferably in a native Mail app). Grab the code.

3. Go to Safari, open any page you want and add it to bookmarks (we will replace the code with the right one in a next step).

To add a page to bookmarks, go to Options icon in a top left corner and tap on Add Bookmark. You can change the title to Readability and save it to Bookmarks Bar for quick access.

 4. Edit the entry – go to Bookmarks icon (on the left of Options) and then Edit. In Readability bookmark replace current address with the one grabbed from email.

5. Done. Now you can send articles to your Readability account. Every time a small icon will be displayed to show a process and confirm that a page was successfully added.

• • •

In the same way you can add bookmarklet to iPhone or iPod Touch. If you own two devices, just add it once and make sure you have synchronization of Safari bookmarks enabled (Settings » iCloud » Bookmarks » On).

Check also other tips on adding bookmarklets to iOS Safari: Hootlet and Posterous.

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