History of Amazon acquisitions and investments (chart)

Today Amazon announced they reached an agreement to acquire Goodreads, the leading book discovery site with an extremely strong community of book lovers. The deal is going to be finalized in a few weeks. No more details were revealed, but first results are already visible.

Otis Chandler, the founder of Goodreads, lists three reasons, why the deal will be a milestone for the site:

1. With the reach and resources of Amazon, Goodreads can introduce more readers to our vibrant community of book lovers and create an even better experience for our members.
2. Our members have been asking us to bring the Goodreads experience to an e-reader for a long time. Now we’re looking forward to bringing Goodreads to the most popular e-reader in the world, Kindle, and further reinventing what reading can be.
3. Amazon supports us continuing to grow our vision as an independent entity, under the Goodreads brand and with our unique culture.

It’s not a first Amazon’s acquisition of a book recommendation site. In 2008 they bought Shelfari. Actually, Amazon’s investment history is pretty impressive. Just take a look at the infographic created by business-networking site Meet The Boss in July 2009, and following Amazon’s $920 million acquisition of Zappos.

For the full list of Amazon investments check out their official history and timeline. At the time of writing the post Goodreads was not included. Update: the list is not full. For instance it does not include the takeover of Lexcycle, the developer of a popular Stanza e-reading application.

Click on the image to enlarge.

History of Amazon acquisitions and investments - infographic

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