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Google Play Books iOS app updates with sepia mode and highlights in scanned pdfs

Google Play Books iOS - sepia toneRecently, Google launched their ebookstore in Poland and 12 other European countries, so finally I was able to make use of Google Play Books app on my iPhone.

One of the killer features of Google Play Books is the ability to instantly translate words and passages of texts. You can do it both in a web browser, and in the iOS application. This feature is extremely useful for anyone who learns languages, or, like in my case, doesn’t speak English perfectly.

The new update of Google Play Books iOS application brings a couple of essential improvements. One of them is for me a sepia mode. My primary reading app is Kindle, and I’m just used to sepia mode, just like lovers of print books are used to the paper smell.

Interestingly, the sepia tone can be also applied to pdf files that are scanned pages of print books. One disadvantage of this way of adding warmth is that images inside books are turned to sepia as well.

Scanned pdfs, due to the origin of Google Play ebookstore (based on books from Google scan project) are a majority of content. That’s why it’s very nice of Google to offer a new feature to work with these books. The new update of iOS apps lets highlight passages of text and add notes to scanned books pdfs.

I’ve tried to test whether it’s possible to do the same with a side-loaded pdf document, but failed. Found some comments on the web, that this feature is also not working on pdfs from Google Play ebookstore It looks like there is a bug to fix in the next update. Anyway, sooner or later, this feature will take off, and from what I know, it’s the only iOS app to offer it.

There is also one other improvement, a major one, but it’s only available to users in the United States. It’s the support for textbooks and rental books. They were added to the offer of Google Play Books today.

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