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Sign up for Kindle Daily Deal email newsletter and get a chance to win Dan Brown's "Origin" - new novel featuring Harvard professor Robert Langdon

You have 1 in 500 chance to win Dan Brown’s newest novel, and get $1 ebook credit.

Kindle Daily Deals were launched in August 2011. Since that time they become a popular way to grab interesting Kindle books at highly reduced prices.

Although the Kindle Deals are with us for over seven years, most users still check them out by visiting Amazon online store.

Did you know you can get an email newsletter with today’s Kindle Daily Deal right to your inbox? The only thing you have to do is sign up for the dedicated Amazon e-mail list.

It’s worth doing it right now – or at least before February 14, 2018. Amazon is running a giveaway promotion in which every new subscriber gets $1 credit towards the purchase of the ebook from the Kindle Store.

What’s more – and this is the real deal – you can enter for a chance to win the newest novel featuring Harvard professor Robert Langdon. Dan Brown’s Origin is the fifth book from the series, and was released in October 2017, getting already over 5,000 reviews.

Robert Langdon arrives at the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to attend a major announcement – the unveiling of discovery that “will change the face of science forever.”

The book’s retail value is $14.99, but if you sign up for Kindle Daily Deals (which you can cancel anytime), you have a chance to get this book for free. No purchase is necessary, all you need to have is an Amazon account.

The book is given away to every 1 in 500 new subscribers. Once you sign up, you’ll see a fancy animation of the cardboard box. After a few seconds, the box opens, and you’ll know whether you have won.

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