Fun and creative ways to gift an ebook (infographic)

Many people find one topic especially difficult to deal with: how to gift electronic books. Ebooks are not objects. They are files. They only exist in digiland. Therefore, what they lack is the magic moment of unpacking, touching for a first time, smelling the paper.

If you think about how to give someone an ebook for Christmas, be creative. The goal is not to share a gifted item (you can’t), but to share the information that the ebook is waiting for download, or that it’s already sent to your e-reading device/app. Holly Allen and the team from Slate Magazine designed a fun infographic which lists several ideas on how to share that message.

I read digital books for 5 years, and I tell you, the moment of downloading the ebook to my Kindle or Kindle app gives as much pleasure as unpacking the print book. Watching download status, tapping on the book’s cover, swiping a couple of first pages… this is the moment of unboxing every ebook lover is waiting for.

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9 fun and creative ways to gift an ebook [infographic]

Via Slate Magazine.