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Updated on July 1, 2012

In late August 2011 Amazon introduced Kindle Daily Deal. Every day at least one Kindle book is offered at a discounted price. For new deals you can check the official page (we created a special short link: or follow Amazon Kindle on Twitter and Facebook.

Amazon provides also Kindle Daily Deal email updates, but they are available only for US customers. The biggest problem, though, is that there is no official way to get notifications via RSS.

After reading a great tip by Chris Walters from Booksprung, we created a special Feedburner feed, devoted exclusively for Kindle Daily Deal. It’s powered by Yahoo Pipes, and updates automatically every day, when the new book is added to the Kindle Daily Deal official page on Amazon.

From time to time we’ll also add manual entries – when the Kindle Daily Deal is especially interesting, or when the automatic update doesn’t work.

Kindle Daily Deal RSS | Kindle Daily Deal Email

There are a couple of benefits of having a dedicated feed.

You don’t have to remember to check KDD daily

As I wrote some time ago, ebook daily deals are meant to bring traffic to the ebookstore, not to make money on featured books. You click to one book, then another book, then another – and finally you may end up buying a different item than the Kindle Daily Deal.

If you subscribe to the feed, you don’t have to visit Amazon every day. The message arrives either to your email inbox or to your favorite RSS feed reader. It prompts you to check the deal.

Benefit: you’ll visit Kindle Store only when you have the intention to buy a specific book.

You’ll go directly to the featured book

If you want to check KDD directly on Amazon, you’ll have to go to the special Kindle Daily Deal page on Amazon, buy there is no way to purchase the book from that page. You’ll have to go to the book’s page – and this is the place where you can check out the book.

If you use the feed, you’ll have the end link (book’s page) right in the message content.

You’ll be able to buy from a mobile phone

Amazon is very well designed for viewing in mobile phone’s browser. However, the official page of Kindle Daily Deal is not optimized for small screens. That means a long loading time and the awkward regular layout displayed.

If you check the KDD via email or RSS feed reader on your mobile phone, you’ll be redirected right to the book’s page, which is mobile friendly.

Benefit: you won’t miss a chance to buy Kindle Daily Deal even if you don’t have access to the computer.

• • •

When it comes to international availability of Kindle Daily Deal books, there are two kinds of restrictions. It’s good to keep them in mind:

1. The title is not available abroad. You’ll see the information that the book is unavailable in your country or that “pricing information is unavailable”.

2. The title is available abroad, but with a regular price. On a book’s page you will be able to buy the title with 1-Click, but every time double-check the price as it may be a regular one.

Please note, that Kindle Daily Deal runs also in Kindle Store UK and Kindle Store Germany. A lot of ebook deals, including of course the ones from Kindle Store can be checked on our special page, which is being refreshed a couple of times a day: Top ebook deals.

Check below how Kindle Daily Deal looks in a Google Reader. You can also read facts and figures about first 50 featured books.

• • •

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