Install Feedly browser extension to avoid adding new content via Google Reader

Google Reader is fading away, but anyone who was using it still thinks of it as a starting point, if we want to add a new site to any RSS-reading application that syncs with Google’s soon-to-be-killed news reading tool.

For instance, if we wanted to add a new blog to Feedly, we clicked on an RSS feed icon/link and usually we saw a window like this (as most feeds are still powered by Feedburner):

Lifehacker - subscribe by RSS

But Google Reader will be gone in a few weeks, and there is no need to add anything to Feedly via Google Reader.

If you install a Feedly browser extension, clicking on a Subscribe to RSS feed address will automatically redirect you to the Feedly website, without visiting Feedburner option window where Google Reader had to be selected.

Lifehacker - subscribe by RSS - automatically add content to Feedly

Automatic redirection via browser extension is just one of 4 convenient ways of adding new content to Feedly. The service has a huge advantage over other GReader-based tools. It lets discover new content at the time of adding the new feed.

Feedly is available for Google Chrome and Firefox. Please share your browser experience. Does the redirection to Feedly work in your browser and in your operating system?

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