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Recommended ebook: Flee (Chandler Series) – J.A. Konrath, Ann Voss Peterson

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Flee (Chandler Series)

J.A. Konrath, Ann Voss Peterson

Chandler isn’t a person; it’s the codename for a woman who was shaped from a raw military recruit into a living weapon. She’s an assassin without remorse or fear, doing the bidding of an agency so secret that only three people know of its existence. But when her cover gets blown, she becomes the target of a wide-reaching conspiracy led by a mysterious figure whose connection to Chandler goes far beyond what she could have imagined.

Now she faces an explosive twenty-four hours—a single day in which everyone she encounters seems hell-bent on ending her life. With any past ally suddenly a possible traitor and every present emotion a weakness for her enemies to exploit, Chandler must tap into her deepest reservoirs of strength and skill in order to survive. But her survival is just the beginning as she confronts a murderous lunatic with a personal agenda, a squad of assassins just as skilled as she is, and a diabolical plot to unleash nuclear holocaust across the globe.

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