Fascinating book and paper art by Brian Dettmer (pictures)

Fascinating book art by Brian Dettmer
Examples of gorgeous book carvings and 3D installations / Images: Brian Dettmer’s website
Explore amazing book carvings, 3D book installations, and book towers created by Brian Dettmer.

If you’re a fan of book art, you probably know the works of Brian Dettmer. Based in New York, he is one of the most influential artists working with books and paper.

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Dettmer’s portfolio of book art is amazingly large and versatile. Opposite to other artists, he doesn’t limit himself to one form, pioneering the creative use of books in art.

His fascination with books started in 2005, when he created his first works – beautiful sceneries carved inside single hardcover books – something many today’s artists do as well.

But the works of Brian Dettmer are much more than that. You’ll see in his collection impressive carvings made from stacks of books, wall reliefs, book towers, and book installations.

Some of the works are showcased below, but make sure to visit artist’s website to explore this fascinating world in detail.

Book art by Brian Dettmer


Book art by Brian Dettmer - Webster Two Point Oh, 2008

Webster Two Point Oh, 2008.


Book art by Brian Dettmer - Vertical Knowledge, 2009

Vertical Knowledge, 2009.


Book art by Brian Dettmer - Tristram Shandy, 2013

Tristram Shandy, 2013.


Book art by Brian Dettmer - Tower 70, 2013

Tower 70, 2013.


Book art by Brian Dettmer - The Way Things Work, 2014

The Way Things Work, 2014.


Book art by Brian Dettmer - Knowledge in Depth, 2013

Knowledge in Depth, 2013.


Book art by Brian Dettmer - Interiors, 2014

Interiors, 2014.


Book art by Brian Dettmer - Fate Far Fast Fall Final, 2009

Fate Far Fast Fall Final, 2009.


Book art by Brian Dettmer - American Peoples, 2011

American Peoples, 2011.


Book art by Brian Dettmer - Core 6, 2007

Core 6, 2007.

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