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Below you’ll find most common questions and answers. Please use the contact form at the bottom to ask us anything you haven’t found here.

What is Ebook Friendly?

Our service is an ebook discovery site intended to get rid of all Internet distractions and help users focus on reading. We make a living on a small cut from every purchase you make in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo via links from our site.

Is buying at Ebook Friendly safe?

Yes. The section you can buy products is under the Store tab, where you log in with your username and password. It’s Amazon not us to handle the purchase and checkout and we do not have access to any information you share.

The rest of the site is a directory rather than a shop. All links you’ll find here will be directing you to relevant pages on site.

Should I sign up to use your site?

No, you don’t have to do that. Treat Ebook Friendly as a tool to curate content from Kindle Store and deliver it in a way which encourages you to read. No separate sign up is required.

Is Ebook Friendly more expensive than Amazon?

No. Whatever you’ll buy via our site you’ll buy at the official site. That means you’ll pay the same price as at

Why prices displayed at your site differ from the ones at Amazon?

It’s because we used the list prices of ebooks and devices at the date we added a product to our site. The current price may be different. That’s why, when you click on a Buy at Kindle Store button, you’ll be redirected to an official page of a book/product and check the current price for your country.

There are no ads here… so how do you earn money?

We don’t want to display ads or any other additional elements – it’s against our mission. On one side they would be a way for us to earn money, but on the other side they would clearly distract you from reading – and this is what we want to avoid.

That’s why we limited the number of ways to monetize the service only to Amazon affiliate fee. If you will make any purchase on via our site, we will receive a small percentage of the price. We think this is an honest offer.

Can authors benefit from Ebook Friendly?

Yes. There are two tools which can be used by authors to promote their books. On this page you’ll find a detailed information about them.

Can I get free updates of a new content from your site?

Yes, you can get free updates via email or RSS, thanks to Feedburner. Subscribe to our main feed: email | RSS.

How can I share your content to social networks?

You can use a sharing panel under every post. The other way is to use a toolbar, which is at the bottom of every page – click on a Share tab and you’ll see many options to choose from.

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Do you have an interesting news, tip, or infographic about ebooks and digital reading? Have you published an ebook you’d like to promote? Have you come across a fun picture for ebook geeks?

Please send an email to: info at ebookfriendly dot com. Please be as specific as possible. Thanks!

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