Fahrenheit 451 in digital times – DRM instead of fire

Fahrenheit 451, a classic dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury, has just been released as an ebook by Simon & Schuster.

This brings a whole new context to books and reading. As I frequently post very short stories on Twitter (#vss), I devoted one of them to this topic. Fahrenheit 451 is about censorship. Reading is outlawed, citizens are not allowed to possess books, books are burned.

Opposite to a paper book which once owned can be exchanged freely, an ebook is hard to access and share, because of different file formats and different DRMs (what is DRM?).

The eBook is now available in Adobe DRM format directly from the publisher, as well as from all of the major eBook retailers, for $9.99¹.

You don’t need fire to prevent citizens from reading. One “good” DRM is enough.

¹At Amazon mass market paperback costs $6.99

Via eBookNewser.