The evolution of the Kindle, in 5 seconds

Amazon Kindle 2nd generation

On November 19, it will be seven years since first generation Kindle was introduced. Anyone keeping it at home? Out of pure nostalgia, or still using it?

The team from gadget review blog GadgetLove have prepared an animated gif, that in 5 seconds shows us how the shape of the most famous e-reading devices was changing from generation to generation.

Getting smaller is something obvious. Get rid of the physical keyboard, and you save a lot of space. But what catches the attention is that the bezel gets darker and darker, while the screen gets lighter and lighter. Plus, while “Amazon” disappears from the logo, it gets bigger and bigger.

The animation doesn’t include Kindle Touch. The last two models are the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite. You can’t get whiter than paper, and you can’t get blacker than black. I wonder what will be the color code of the next Kindle e-reader.

Check out the animated gif below:

Kindle evolution in 5 seconds

Via Mashable.