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Use Evernote Clearly to quickly jump to reading Amazon reviews

If you are a heavy Evernote user, you may find this little discovery helpful. You can use Evernote Clearly to remove all the content from a product page on Amazon – except reviews. Check screenshots at the end of the post to see how it works.

Evernote Clearly is a tool that automatically removes all the clutter from a blog post or webpage, by replacing original design with Clearly’s clean, book-like interface.

Just like other distraction-removing tools (f.e. Readability), Clearly finds what it thinks is the main content of the page. Amazon website is heavily cluttered. Structure of every page is very hard to recognize. There are over 200 links on a single product page. That’s why after using Clearly, it’s not a product description that stays, but reviews – both editorial and customer.

Another benefit of using Evernote Clearly on Amazon pages it that the text is well-suited for reading. On Amazon, the block of text has a huge width, from one edge of the screen to the other. It makes it very difficult to read. With Clearly you’re not only removing distracting widgets and banners, but also rearrange the text to a narrow column in the middle of the screen.

What’s very cool about Clearly is that you can personalize the look of the cleaned page. There are three default templates to choose from, plus you can set up your own CSS rules.

Evernote Clearly is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Use Evernote Clearly to quickly read Amazon reviews

Amazon product page

Amazon product page / click to enlarge

Amazon product page after using Evernote Clearly

Amazon product page after using Evernote Clearly / click to enlarge

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