Enciclopedia Mecánica – e-reader’s predecessor from 1949? (pictures)

Enciclopedia Mecánica - Mechanical Encyclopedia - a pedecesor of the ereader from 1949

Spanish teacher Ángela Ruiz Robles created Enciclopedia Mecánica (Mechanical Encyclopedia) in 1949.

The device was equipped with coils where the books were being placed. The movement of coils passed over the topics. Mechanical Encyclopedia had a zoom function, thanks to which the user could focus on a specific text.

Ángela Ruiz Robles was also planning to add a reading lamp to the device. She received a Patent No. 190,698 for “a mechanical, electrical and air pressure reading book”.

The prototype is exhibited in the National Museum of Science and Technology in La Coruña.

Via Rosa García Millán and TeleRead.