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Ebooks inspire us to read again (infographic)

Internet is moving people away from reading. We are attacked by thousands of small bits of information every hour. It gets harder and harder to calm down and reach for a book after a long day full of distractions digital life brings. But there is a rescue: ebooks.

With electronic books young people don’t have to drastically change their natural habitat. They are still dealing with the digital content they can get in no time, easily work with, and share instantly to social networks.

This fantastic infographic from Online Teaching Degree shows how effective digital books can be in bringing the habit of reading back.

Typical non-ebook reader reads 15 book per year. Typical ebook reader reads 9 books more. 28% of Americans already own an e-reader or tablet. With prices of devices constantly going down, this number will quickly go up.

Studies show students’ learning is impacted positively by e-readers.

Click on the image to enlarge. Check more infographics about ebooks and digital reading.

Via Online Teaching Degree.