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Ebook geek problems No. 29 - Strange feeling when you don’t like the passage highlighted by 100 other users.

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As e-reading involves technology, the number of potential problems is quite big. Technology makes simple things unpredictable, and takes the attention away from the sheer pleasure of reading.

This is what we’d like to document in Ebook geek problems.

You’ll find here anything related to reading in times dominated by the technology, internet, and social networks. Not only the lack of old book smell, not only the fear of scratching the display, and not only the battery dying exactly at the moment you read last pages of the novel.

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Ebook geek problems #45

    A smile every time my book reading app gets an update.

Ebook geek problems #44

    Headache when the new book by your favorite author is still not available in an ebook format.

Ebook geek problems #43

    The screen of my new smartphone is not too small for reading. It's way too large.

Ebook geek problems #42

    I can't find my Kindle. It's never among the gizmos that surround the power socket.

Ebook geek problems #41

    I don't need an e-reader with a color screen. My mind will color the words beautifully.

Ebook geek problems #40

    From time to time I take out the Kindle from the case just to have a look at it.

Ebook geek problems #39

    Now, when we have the Kindle and the iPad, we’ve started reading printed books again. Shared by Ola Kowalczyk

Ebook geek problems #38

    When you realize reading five ebooks simultaneously is not the right thing to do. Shared by Piotr Kowalczyk

Ebook geek problems #37

    I love ebooks, and I'm not afraid of showing it. Shared by Piotr Kowalczyk

Ebook geek problems #36

    Kindle syndrome: switching between a couple of books during one sitting. Shared by Ola Kowalczyk