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Easy short links to access Kindle Stores in UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain

No matter which Kindle Store you shop, you can access it from an easy-to-remember short link listed below.

Originally, I created a set of short links to Kindle Store US, but as there are more and more users of Kindle Stores localized in UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, it’s good to make their lives a bit easier, as well.

Short links are not only good to share long web addresses in social media, but they are also extremely useful if you want to quickly access Kindle Store from a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. Instead of typing the address of the Amazon site (e.g. or and then clicking or tapping to get to Kindle Store, you can access it right away from the address box.

If you often visit Kindle Store from your tablet, you may consider to add it to the device’s home screen or bookmark it in a browser. It’s especially recommended for the users of iOS devices. There is no direct link to Kindle Store from Kindle application  – it was forbidden by Apple last year.

Here is a simple tip on how to add Kindle Store to iPad’s home screen.

Short links are below and the full list, which I’m updating frequently, is available on this page.

Kindle Store US »

Kindle Store UK »

Kindle Store Germany »

Kindle Store France »

Kindle Store Italy »

Kindle Store Spain »