8 pics and videos that describe what DRM is about

Pics and videos abour DRM

The funny pictures and videos presented below describe the absurd of Digital Rights Management.

DRM is the devil of the publishing industry. It’s intended to prevent the purchased digital item from unauthorized use. In reality, who suffers most is the person who steals the content, but the one who legally buys it.

No one likes DRM, even publishers, but it’s still being largely used. If you shop in online store that puts a protecting layer on the files, you should either accept it or remove it – but definitely not ignore it.

The worst thing about DRM is that not a single system is used, but many.

DRM is a serious issue, that entered the land of absurd far ago. It’s no surprise that it inspires reactions like the ones listed below.

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Pics and videos that describe DRM

1. Chair that self-destructs after 8 uses

Made by Thibault Brevet with a team of supporters, as an entry for The Deconstruction, this chair can be used only 8 times.

Every time someone sits up, the chair sends a signal how many uses are left. When reaching zero, the self-destruct system is turned on and the structural joints of the chair are melted.

2. Paying customers get hit most

This extremely funny animated gif hits the nature of DRM – pirates will find the way, it’s paying customers who get hit most.

3. Sharing the protected files

Sharing DRM-ed files is a pain, but not impossible, and this cartoon from xkcd very well explains it. Click on the image to enlarge.

4. Terms & conditions

This awesome motion infographic was created by the students from Vancouver Film School. It asks an essential question: “What if a publisher could come into your home and remove your books while you slept. Should they have this power?”

5. You can’t leave this store

Ebook DRM explained | Ebook Friendly

What if we tried to explain DRM using print books? DRM makes you a prisoner of the store where you bought a book. Don’t forget to get a blanket and a pillow.

6. Digital Rights Management in real world

This great video further explores what would happen if there was DRM on our everyday objects. A video was and entry for the Free Culture downwithdrm contest.

7. Listening to DRM-ed music

iTunes and DRM

Referring to a famous iPod campaign, the poster from Defective by Design shows that it’s not exactly freedom when DRM is involved.

8. No one is admitted

No one is admitted

A perfect conclusion: publishers want to prevent their content from being pirated, but in fact they prevent it from being bought.

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