Great ebook bundle that celebrates 50th anniversary of Doctor Who

The Unofficial Doctor Who ebook bundle from StoryBundle

Love Doctor Who? StoryBundle, our favorite site that regularly releases ebook bundles, has something for you.

It’s The (Unofficial) Doctor Who Bundle, a specially curated set of books featuring episode guides, producer autobiographies, and coming-of-age stories devoted exclusively to the infamous time traveler.

There are four titles in the initial set (minimum $3 to purchase):

  1. Dalek I Loved You: 50th Anniversary Edition – Nick Griffiths
  2. Who & Me – Barry Letts
  3. TARDIS Eruditorum Volume 2: Patrick Troughton – Philip Sandifer
  4. Dining With The Doctor: An Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook – Chris-Rachael Oseland

If you decide to spend at least $10 for the Doctor Who bundle, you’ll get two bonus books. One of them, Earl Green’s VWORP! is a complete guide to the travels of the TARDIS, pointing out noteworthy original series adventures, and finding hints of the show’s larger narrative.

The other bonus book is The Best of TARDIS Eruditorum by Philip Sandifer. It’s an exclusive ebook published just for the Doctor Who bundle. It collects over twenty most popular essays from author’s blog TARDIS Eruditorum, together with short introductions to each essay that are exclusive to this volume.

Check-out options include PayPal, Google Wallet and Amazon. You can also use gift cards and send someone a code that can be redeemed for any collection showcased in the future.

As usual, you can decide on the split between the author and StoryBundle (by default it’s set to give author 70%), as well as whether you want to support Mighty Writers or Girls Write Now with a 10% of the price.

The books from StoryBundle are DRM-free, in epub and mobi formats, so you can read them on every e-reader and in every e-reading application.

The (Unofficial) Doctor Who Bundle will be available for two weeks only.

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Earl Green

With nearly 50 years of adventures recorded across several media, the BBC’s international smash hit Doctor Who is one of the most deeply explored fictional “universes” in TV or literary history – partly because it intersects with our own in so many places.

VWORP!1 is just the beginning of your complete guide to the travels of the TARDIS, pointing out noteworthy original series adventures to fans of the new series, and finding hints of the show’s larger narrative in some of the oddest places.

VWORP!2, due in late 2013, will track the Time Lord through his audio-only adventures, as well as examining the show’s latest episodes and its various TV spinoffs.

TARDIS EruditorumThe Best of TARDIS Eruditorum

Philip Sandifer

In this second volume of collected and expanded posts from the popular blog TARDIS Eruditorum offers a critical history of the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who. Steadily tracking the developing story of Doctor Who from its beginning to the present day, TARDIS Eruditorum pushes beyond received fan wisdom and dogma to understand the story of Doctor Who as the story of an entire line of mystical, avant-garde, and radical culture in Great Britain: a show that is genuinely about everything that has ever happened, and everything that ever will.

This volume focuses on Doctor Who’s intersection with psychedelic Britain and with the radical leftist counterculture of the late 1960s, exploring its connections with James Bond, social realism, dropping acid, and overthrowing the government. Along, of course, with scads of monsters, the introduction of UNIT, and the Land of Fiction itself.

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