A DIY guide to binding your own hardback book (video)

Traditional bookbinding seems to be a highly complicated and sophisticated job.

It is, when you have to restore an old book to look like new. But if you want to feel the happiness of making a notebook of your own, you’ll discover it’s easier than you think.

There is a great step-by-step bookbinding tutorial on Instructables. However, I prefer the video embedded above. It’s made by Jimmy DiResta, who has been binding notebooks for several years. He combines traditional bookbinding techniques with a few of his own tricks.

This book is made up of 10 signatures in total, with 7 pieces of paper in each. Seventy individual pieces of parchment 8.5″×11″ paper, folded in half, makes 140 pages in the book, and 280 page sides.

More videos:

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