The Digital Roadmap helps libraries identify new technologies to implement

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The Digital Roadmap is a useful reference chart that lets libraries identify new areas to enter, and new technologies to use.

Almost 90% of American public libraries offer access to electronic books. Going digital, however, is not only about lending ebooks or offering a free access to the web.

Dosdoce, the Bilbao-based company offering consultancy in implementing new technologies in the creative industries, has prepared a chart many libraries will find extremely helpful.

The Digital Roadmap (its English version appeared first on Publishing Perspectives) lists new technologies that are potentially worth implementing in the libraries:

  • web-based technologies,
  • wearables,
  • location-based technologies,
  • near-field communication,
  • beacons,
  • QR codes,
  • augmented reality,
  • facial recognition systems,
  • sensory technologies.

The technologies are then compared with four major areas of competence: information, reading, loan, and training services.

There is a three-point assessment system. Blue dot stands for frequent use. If you find the green dot, it will mean that a technology is especially interesting in the specific area. Orange dot means “it could work”.

Javier Celaya, the CEO and founder of Dosdoce, says:

All these new technologies will change the way libraries offer their services to patrons, help them to select content and their catalogue, become meeting points for their users through screens, etc.

The chart was meant to be printed out and the two sides glued together. The English version is not available in high resolution, but I’ve enlarged the original picture and made the text more readable (it’s not perfect, though).

Click on the chart below to see it in full size.

Digital roadmap for #libraries

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