Get 30% off a 1-year Kindle Unlimited plan with your Amex card

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Get 30% off Kindle Unlimited 12-month subscription with Amex card

In a new promotion, you can save almost one-third of the Kindle Unlimited pre-paid plan, if you’ll pay with your America Express card.

Amazon has just started a new limited-time promotion that should draw the attention of anyone who considers getting Kindle Unlimited subscription but wants to cut a deal on it.

Until October 15, 2017, you can get 30% off a 12-month Kindle Unlimited plan using your American Express card.

All you have to do is to add Kindle Unlimited to cart on this page. Then, at checkout, make sure to:

  • select American Express card as a payment method,
  • use promo code AMEXSAVE,

The offer is valid for one month, and you can place an order before 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time on October 15, 2017, to get an instance price discount. Only US residents can take part, and one customer can use the promotional code only once.

How attractive is this Kindle Unlimited deal?

It’s comparable to what you can save during Prime Day (if you are a subscriber to another subscription program – Prime) or Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

In the current Amex promotion, you save 30%. That means you’ll pay for the 1-year Kindle Unlimited plan $83.92, instead of the regular price of $119.88. The most attractive price cuts for the same plan were never higher than 33%, with the end price set at $80.32.

What’s worth mentioning, not only the new subscribers can benefit from the deal. If you are already subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, and your subscription is being renewed monthly, you can also redeem the Amex Kindle Unlimited offer. Automatic renewals will be temporarily suspended for the duration of one year from the date of purchase.

Please keep in mind that if you buy this pre-paid plan (or any other Kindle Unlimited pre-paid subscription), there is no way to get the money back if you decide to cancel the subscription sooner.

How attractive is Kindle Unlimited subscription? There are currently over 1.5 million books available in Kindle Unlimited. The subscription also gives unlimited access to select magazines.

My favorite feature is the ability to listen, free of charge, audiobook companions to Kindle Unlimited ebooks, using a clever feature called Whispersync for Voice. It lets switch between reading and listening in the Kindle app on the Amazon Fire; iPad and iPhone; or Android-powered tablet and phone.

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