Act now! Original Kindle cases are even 25% off, today!

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Deal on original Kindle cases from Amazon
Cyber Monday and beyond? Prices of original Amazon covers for all current Kindle models are cut by up to 25% / Image: Amazon

This is definitely the most shocking Cyber Monday 2019 deal. Prices of almost all original Amazon Kindle covers are cut by one-fourth.

Red alert! Red alert! This is happening for the first time in history during Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend – Amazon Kindle covers are on sale and cost 25% less!

Other Cyber Monday Kindle deals are attractive, but usual: you can save 35% on Kindle Paperwhite (which is already a year-old model) or grab over 350 top Kindle reads for prices reduced by 80%. These deals sound familiar, and you were expecting them, right?

I bet you were hoping to see some decent deals on original Kindle cases, but judged the chances would be small.

So far, Amazon never reduced the prices of original accessories at the same time when Kindles were on sale. The rule is simple: if you buy a Kindle at a reduced price, you are more willing to pay the higher price for the case – you’ve just saved some money, damn it!

Something has happened, something has changed, something new is coming. Amazon decided to offer a deal on original cases for Kindle e-readers. Not on one, not on two. Almost all variants and colors for all currently sold Kindle models are on sale.

You have to see it for yourself: original Amazon Kindle cases are up to 25% off, today. There is no guarantee you will see reduced prices tomorrow, so act now, if you have just bought a Kindle or plan to do it today.

Premium leather cover for Kindle Paperwhite costs today $44.99. It’s still a lot more than what you would pay for a third-party alternative, but on the other side you save $15 ($59.99 – 25% savings).

The most popular original fabric cover for Kindle 2019 and Kindle Paperwhite is 23% off. You will pay $22.99 instead of $29.99. All color variants are on sale: Charcoal Black, Cobalt Blue, Punch Red, and Sandstone White.

Which Kindle cover are you going to buy?

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