Cory Doctorow on the increasing importance of electronic texts (video)

Cory Doctorow is a science fiction writer, blogger and an extremely active public speaker on all aspects of digital life in the 21st century. A couple of days ago he had a speech at the Library of Congress, entitled “A Digital Shift: Libraries, Ebooks and Beyond”, focused on digital culture, electronic books, future of libraries, copyright issues, and ownability of books.

The speech, together with questions and answers takes one hour, but it’s definitely worth watching it (or at least listening in the background, while doing other things on a computer).

People keep showing me electronic readers that try to recreate the experience of the book with cute little animations showing the page flip.  But if you want to recreate the important part of the book experience, the part that keeps people buying books for their whole lives, filling their walls with treasured friends that they wouldn’t part with for love or money, you need to restore ownership to books.

A full transcript of the talk is available here.

Via Library of Congress on YouTube.