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40 cool e-reader covers, cases, and sleeves

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Kate Spade Rain or Shine Magazine Cover for Nook Simple Touch

Enjoying the book starts from the moment when you are reaching for it. If you’re reading a print book, you can feel the excitement inside already when you’re touching and looking at its cover.

The most popular cover for the most popular e-reader, the Kindle, is this: Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Black. Well, e-reading is much cooler than that.

The purpose of this list is to show the most original, personalized, and stylish covers designed for e-reading devices.

We included items from several sources, not only the ones from ebookstores. It’s fantastic that more and more e-reader specific designs can be found in stores like Marks & Spencer, Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s. And, of course, we’ve got beautifully crafted masterpieces from the sanctuary of hand-made design, Etsy.

40 cool ereader covers, cases and sleeves


Handmade Ereader Sleeve

Handmade ereader case with a beautiful script print of Paris, Eiffel Tower and various postal marks in beige. Top zipper closure and detachable black wrist strap. The interior is made with black foam. Handmade to order. No ereaders over 9 inches x 6 inches. ⇢ Etsy – $25.


Proporta Leather Cover – 'Butterflies'

Proporta “Butterflies” Cover. Handy cut outs allow access to all ports and controls meaning you can continue to use your Kindle 4 while it’s in its case. ⇢ Proporta – $26.95. Available for: Kindle 4, Kindle Touch, and Kobo Touch.


BUILT Kindle and Kindle Touch Slim Neoprene Sleeve Case

BUILT Slim Neoprene Sleeve Case for Kindle and Kindle Touch. Soft fuzzy inner lining is lint-free and provides soft protection for the screen. Available in five colors: Lush Flower, Scatter Dot, Vine, Black, and Red. ⇢ Amazon – $24.99.


Pad & Quill Mini Keeper for Kindle Touch

Pad & Quill Mini Keeper for Kindle Touch. Holds your Kindle in a versatile wood frame, bound in sturdy bindery leather. Beautiful satin finished Baltic Birch frame. Interior lined with book bindery cloth in 5 colors. ⇢ Pad & Quill – $49.99.


Recycled Ereader Case Cover

Recycled Ereader Case Cover. It fits up to 8 by 5 inch device. It’s lined with fabric and the elastic is ironed and glued in securely. ⇢ Etsy – $27.


M-Edge New Yorker Jacket for Kindle Keyboard

M-Edge New Yorker Jacket for Kindle Keyboard. Made of bump-resistant faux leather with an image from “The New Yorker”, the jacket is both durable and stylish. ⇢ Target – $29.99.


BUILT French Bull Vine Sleeve

BUILT French Bull Vine Sleeve. Compatible with Kindle Keyboard. ⇢ Ebay – $24.95.


Amazon Kindle Zip Sleeve

Amazon Kindle Zip Sleeve for Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch. Simple, stylish, lightweight sleeve with a convenient zipper closure keeps your device secure when you’re on the go. Available in 5 colors. ⇢ Amazon – $24.99.


Kate Spade New York Canvas Kindle Cover

The Great Gatsby – kate spade new york canvas cover for Kindle Keyboard. Special design details include spade logo on spine, “kate spade new york publishing” on the back cover, and graphic book stripe cotton lining. ⇢ Amazon – $80.


Timbuk2 Plush Sleeve Case

Timbuk2 Plush Kindle and Kindle Touch Sleeve Case. High Density memory foam for impact absorption. Luxurious faux fur lining to keep your electronics cozy. Six colors to choose from. ⇢ Amazon – $29.99.


BUILT Kindle and Kindle Touch Neoprene Envelope Case

BUILT Neoprene Envelope Case. Fits Kindle and Kindle Touch. Proprietary hourglass shape provides an instant, BUILT-in bumper system for extra protection. Two colors: Scatter Dot and Black. ⇢ Amazon – $29.99.


Timbuk2 New Kindle / Kindle Touch Reading Jacket

Timbuk2 Reading Jacket for Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch. You’ll look as cool as the book you’re reading. Made for everyone who wants quick access to their pageturner. Magnetic closure makes opening and closing a breeze. Front flap folds back into jacket beast mode whilst e-reading. Available in four colors. ⇢ Amazon – $34.99.


kate spade new york Kindle and Kindle Touch Case Cover

Normandy Dot – kate spade new york Kindle and Kindle Touch case cover. This functional case is dressed up with kate spade new york signature dots, promising to spark a smile every time you pull it from your bag. ⇢ Amazon – $69.


kate spade new york Kindle and Kindle Touch Case Cover

Pride and Prejudice – kate spade new york case cover for Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch. Designed exclusively for Kindle and Kindle Touch by kate spade new york. ⇢ Amazon – $69.


KIQ Zebra Design Leather Case for Amazon Kindle Touch

KIQ Zebra Design Leather Case for Amazon Kindle Touch. Holds the device securely in place, while providing maximum protection and still allowing the user to access all the buttons, ports, and screen. ⇢ Sears – $14.95.


Music Skins for Kindle 3

Rihanna Barbed Wire Skin for Kindle 3. Vinyl skins from MusicSkins LLC are available in dozens of designs. They are made from a premium, durable 3M vinyl. Special adhesive is completely removable and leaves no residue so you can easily switch your MusicSkins for the latest release. ⇢ Sears – $20.


Look After Me Protective Case

Look After Me Protective Case for Kindle. Dimensions: height 225 mm, width 165 mm, depth 7 mm. ⇢ Marks & Spencer – £9.50.


Moleskine Folio Digital E-Reader Cover

Moleskine Folio Digital Ereader Cover. Compatible with Kindle 2. An analog-meets-digital offering from Moleskine, this handsome hardcover case holds your e-reader and has 96 notebook pages within. ⇢ Bloomingdale’s – $39.95.


Proporta Leather Cover "Fireworks"

Proporta “Fireworks” Cover. Made from a high quality alternative to leather. Handy cut outs allow access to all ports and controls. ⇢ Proporta – $26.95. Custom designed to fit the exact specifications of: Kindle 4, Kindle Touch, and Kobo Touch.


Proporta Leather Style Couch

Proporta Leather Style Couch for Kindle Keyboard. Crafted from the finest quality alternative to leather and boasting a luxurious protective lining, this elegant cover keeps it safe and sound from knocks and bumps. ⇢ Proporta – $26.95. Available also for, among others, Sony Reader PRS-650 and Kobo Touch.


Ereader Fabric Sleeve

Woodland Ereader Fabric Sleeve with trees, hedgehog, turtles, and squirrels. Device slides easily into case and closes with a braided cotton rope and a wood heart button. Sleeve is also padded with 100% cotton batting to provide extra protection without being too bulky. Dimensions of case – 8″ x 6″. ⇢ Etsy – $25.


Newport Cover for Nook Simple Touch

Newport Cover for Nook Simple Touch. With bold, colorful stripes printed on subtly textured cotton canvas, the Newport captures the exhilaration you feel on a sunny beach, away from it all. ⇢ Barnes & Noble – $14.97.


Oscar Wilde Nook Cover

Oscar Wilde Quote Cover in Pink. Designed for Nook Color and Nook Tablet only. A three-point mechanism keeps your device secure and accessible at all times. ⇢ Barnes & Noble – $29.95.


Industriell Easel Cover for Nook Color

Barnes and Noble Industriell Easel Cover in Storm for Nook Color. The easel design makes this sleek cover easy to use, and there are corresponding openings for all the ports and controls. The strong polyurethane shell is comfortable to hold, and the microfiber lining provides extra protection. ⇢ Target – $39.99.


Robots Cover for Nook Color/Tablet

This, designed by B&N, bright, witty cover takes a playful view of technology. It’s a perfect complement for the digital wizardry of the Nook Devices. Nook Color/Tablet only. ⇢ Barnes & Noble – $29.95.


Neoprene Case by Barnes & Noble

Neoprene Case by Barnes & Noble. Fits Nook Simple Touch. Inside, a soft white neoprene lining cradles your device. Appealing details include a large embossed “n” logo on the front, a raised logo on the gray rubberized zipper tab, and zigzag stitching around the body of the case. Several colors fo choose from. ⇢ Barnes & Noble – $19.95.


Kate Spade Rain or Shine Magazine Cover for Nook Simple Touch

kate spade Rain or Shine Magazine Cover for Nook Simple Touch. Its vivid, sophisticated design is printed on durable cotton canvas. The interior is lined with a beige nylon jacquard fabric that echoes kate spade’s iconic “She is a voracious reader…”. ⇢ Barnes & Noble – $59.


Jack Spade Novelty Eyes Cover for Nook Simple Touch

Jack Spade Novelty Eyes Cover. The whimsical image is printed on sturdy cotton canvas, further accented by the signature Jack Spade label. For Nook Simple Touch only. ⇢ Barnes & Noble – $59.


VanGoddy Durable Silicone Skin Cover for Nook Simple Touch

VanGoddy Durable Silicone Skin Cover for Nook Simple Touch. This cool cover has openings for different buttons, keyboard, ports, jacks and slots which allows access to all Nook functions. ⇢ Sears – $9.99.


Juicy Couture Ereader Case

Juicy Couture Ereader Case. A colorful mantra for tech-savvy bookworms. The echo-inducing protector fits easily into your day bag. Available in two colors: Lazuli Purple and Dragonfruit Pink. ⇢ Bloomingdale’s – $38.


Lodis Accessories Posey Ereader Case

Lodis Posey Ereader Case. This playfully patterned case is made of soft, floral leather with metallic accents and an exotic overlay. Fits a 6-inch device. Available in two colors. ⇢ – $36.99.


Silicon Skin for Kobo Touch

Silicon Skin for Kobo Touch. Lightweight design, openings for all ports and controls, scratch and bump resistant. ⇢ Target – $14.99.


Cinda B Universal Ereader Case

Cinda B Universal Ereader Case. ⇢ Ebay – $22.49.


Rebecca Minkoff Bookwork Ereader Case

Rebecca Minkoff Bookwork Ereader Case. Travel with your ereader in style with this chic snake embossed leather case from Rebecca Minkoff. Measures 6” wide x 8.5” tall x 1” deep. ⇢ Bluefly – $34.29.


LeSportsac Ereader Case

LeSportsac Ereader Case. With a fun tropical print and a padded interior, this e-reader case keeps your Kindle, Nook or iPad safe and stylish. ⇢ Macy’s – $32.


Proporta Universal Reader Case

Proporta Universal Reader Case. Designed to work with a range of ereaders measuring up to 192 x 150 x 12 mm. The luxury lining will keep your eReader cocooned away from all the nasty little surprises that life has in store, and the button fastener prevents accidental opening. Fits iRiver Story, Kindle Keyboard, Sony Reader PRS-505, and more. ⇢ Proporta – $42.95.


Handmade Ereader Sleeve

Handmade Ereader Sleeve with a free monogram in blue, Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat. One pocket for your charger or other accessories. Handmade to order. ⇢ Etsy – $25.


Proporta - Ted Baker Kobo Touch Cover

Proporta Ted Baker Case. A sophisticated solution to keeping your Kobo Touch protected and looking great. Made from an exquisite faux leather, this is a lightweight yet robust Kobo Touch cover that feels so soft in the hands of even the most rigorous of readers. ⇢ Proporta – $59.95.


Gecko Universal Leather Sleeve

Gecko Universal Leather Sleeve. This sleeve will protect your e-reader against unwanted damage. The pouch features a genuine leather exterior and a light blue velvet interior. The sleeve includes a leather closure, so your e-reader will be safely stored. The Gecko-line delivers protective covers which are stylish and durable. ⇢ Gecko Covers – €24.95.


Proporta - Leather Style Folio Case

Leather Style Folio Case in ‘Book’ is custom designed to fit the exact specifications of your Kobo Touch. Handy cut outs allow access to all ports and controls meaning you can continue to use your Touch while it’s in its case. ⇢ Proporta – $33.95.


Clutch Case Grey Yellow Damask

This Grey Yellow Damask Clutch Case is made with a Shiny Silver 9-inch kisslock frame and coordinating designer cotton fabrics. It’s designed to open wide at the top for easy access with box corners on the bottom creating a spacious case for your ereader. ⇢ Etsy – $40.

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