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Consumers of digital content: music, video, ebooks (infographic)

I was making today a usual research to find new content relevant for ebook enthusiasts and found on Marketing Pilgrim the infographic visualizing the results of Nielsen’s U.S. Entertainment Consumer Report, published at the beginning of the year.

I republish the chart in its entirety (couldn’t find the source, if you know the creators, please let me know). A part devoted to ebooks is very interesting, as it shows an age split of ebook buyers – as well as print buyers.

For both print and ebook format, buyers are more likely to be women (at least by 18%). People aged 35-44 and 55-64 are two age groups much above average in both formats.

Younger people (the lowest age group in a research was 18-24) are a less likely book buyers. The surprising thing is that they are less likely to buy ebooks (69%) than print books (85%).

Consumers of digital content - infographic

Via Marketing Pilgrim.