Connected book that lets experience fiction in a totally new way (video)

Felix Heibeck, Alexis Hope, and Julie Legault have created a project that explores new ways of reading with digital augmentations.

It’s called Sensory Fiction. By using a set of connected sensors and actuators, the author can play with “new means of conveying plot, mood, and emotion while still allowing space for the reader’s imagination.”

Sensory Fiction consists of a connected book and a wearable:

  • the augmented-reality book portrays the scenery and sets the mood,
  • the wearable allows the reader to experience the protagonist’s emotions.

Changes in the protagonist’s emotional state triggers a relevant feedback in the wearable. It could be a change of the heartbeat rate (through air pressure bags), or localized temperature fluctuations.

Connected books are a fascinating topic. You have to see Electrolibrary and Blink.