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Concept: touchscreen interface for real books (video)

Among attempts to combine the best of analog and digital world, the concept interface from Fujitsu is definitely worth developing. Being still in the demonstration stage, the concept detects objects your finger is touching in the real world and turns a surface into a touchscreen.

Don Kennedy and Ryo Osuga report for Digi Info TV:

This technology measures the shape of real-world objects, and automatically adjusts the coordinate systems for the camera, projector, and real world. In this way, it can coordinate the display with touching, not only for flat surfaces like tables and paper, but also for the curved surfaces of objects such as books.

The major benefit of the system is that you can import any information from a real to digital world seamlessly, by selecting the necessary parts with your fingers.

According to Digi Info TV, Fujitsu plans to develop a commercial version of the system in 2014.

Via Mashable.