Concept: underground library in the New York subway (video)

Some time ago we wrote about the hilarious digital library campaign that was running in Bucharest. The entire subway station was covered with posters to look like the interior of the giant library. The idea was designed to let Bucharest city inhabitants to download electronic books right to their smartphones.

Miami Ad School students, Keri Tan, Max Pilwat, and Ferdi Rodriguez, came up with “Underground Library” concept that is addressing the same target group – city commuters.

Passengers of the New York City subway would be able to check out library books – not on the station, but inside metro cars, by scanning book titles from library panels being placed on walls.

There is no cellular signal needed to download the book. It would be handled via Bluetooth or near-field communication (NFC) technology found in many smartphone models.

Now that the internet is available almost anywhere, people are able to do “instant research” to learn about anything on their smartphones. The New York Public Library wants to remind New Yorkers that they are still a valuable resource, and a free service.

NYPL wants to take your usual subway ads and make them into something fun and entertaining. They want to give New Yorkers something productive to do on the subway instead of their everyday people watching.

Via Mashable.