Choose the right tablet with this handy flowchart

A couple of days ago we shared a simple guide on how to choose between a tablet and e-reader.

If your pick was a tablet, you’ll find this flowchart from BlackFriday a helpful tool that will get you closer to a final decision. As we said before, don’t follow tech reviewers and don’t analyse tech specifications. First step is defining your own preferences. The features of the device that match these needs will come next.

Although we don’t agree with all suggested solutions (like “I’m not easily confused with technology” for the iPad), the flowchart is great just for the purpose of recognising your needs.

Try to find the right path, keep in mind the device’s name and extend your search by comparing it to direct competitors. One of the best tools to do that is an interactive device comparison chart from the Verge.

Choose the right tablet - flowchart

Via Bit Rebels.